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Three Hill’s Source for Sprayed-In Bedliners with Scorpion Coatings

Bedliners are a great investment for people who use and love their trucks. Unfortunately, many truck owners have been disappointed with the performance of their conventional drop-in models. Over time these liners can become loose and slide, which may allow water, rust or debris to get trapped underneath. Shifting liners can also lead to unwanted paint removal. At Lube Go, we offer sprayed-in bedliners using the Scorpion coating system.

Why Get Sprayed?

Sprayed-in bedliners prevent moisture and rust buildup by way of their polyurethane coating. Lube Go relies on the Scorpion brand for its resilient properties and quality finish. A fresh coat will keep your truck looking its best. Other benefits include:

Non-skid grip helps prevent falls

Hauled items stay in place

Colour customization

Texture options

Anti-static (less than 1-second static delay)

UV stability (colour will not fade)


Do you need better protection for your truck? Get in touch with Lube Go. We’ll provide you with a free estimate for our spraying services.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to please with our reliable workmanship and courteous service.

Auto Enhancements

We’ll order the parts you need and get them installed.

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